Allplan BIM 2008
Successful with Allplan: Alpine Baths Adelboden/CH (UC’NA Architekten)

Allplan BIM 2008 for Architects: Creative Design and Cost Management

Your benefits at a glance:

  • End-to-end planning of residential buildings to industrial units with modular elements
  • Reliable design with wizard-supported data entry
  • Unique range of additional results from layouts and lists
  • Database of CAD libraries and alphanumeric elements containing activities and prices
  • TÜV-certified CAD-supported quantities take-off and cost calculations

Let your creativity flow with new ideas – let Allplan do the calculations.

Would you prefer to concentrate on the design of your building, rather than the construction cost planning? But, you are also aware of how important cost planning is to the client. Then, choose a dependable software solution that will also handle the cost planning for you.

"It’s all about costs. And creativity takes a back seat."

With the Design2Cost solution you can be a creative designer and a cost manager at the same time.

Design2Cost makes it possible for you to design with costs in mind and construct within a budget. Moreover, through the integration of project milestone planning, you can obtain analyses of cost flows and can act as cost manager for your client. Even more interesting, these additional results are created in the background in parallel with your actual creative work.

"Today, a brilliant design is no longer enough to win a competition."

Additional results for brilliant, convincing presentations.

Allplan BIM 2008 offers you end-to-end planning from the design, through the intended finishes to the outdoor facilities. The design is enhanced step-by-step with planning information which is then available for various reports and analyses. Whether your next contract is a multi-storey residential building or an industrial construction, Allplan BIM will help you achieve your ideas and stay within budget.

Data entry is simplified by Wizards. Allplan offers you a unique range of CAD components already enhanced with construction information and material properties for creating convincing presentations and to increase your chance of winning contracts.

"How can I be absolutely sure that my calculations are VOB-compliant?"

Allplan BIM 2008 – is both German TÜV-tested and VOB-compliant.

Our graphical method of calculating quantities, an important part of Allplan and the Design2Cost cost planning methodology, was checked and the results certified by the German TÜV SÜD as complying with VOB. The test examined the calculation of quantities and the data exchange between the Allplan BIM CAD application and the Allplan BCM based on selected construction elements.

Allplan BIM 2008

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