Allplan BIM 2008
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Allplan BIM 2008 Engineering: High-performance in Reinforced Concrete Design

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Noticeably improved ergonomics and optimized work processes
  • End-to-end planning from the architectural design to the reinforcement drawings
  • Extended reinforcement functions especially for circular components
  • Cooperation with industry partners such as BAMTEC, Erico-Lenton, Halfen-Deha, Peikko, Schöck, Stahlwerk Annahütte

Simplify your day-to-day design tasks with enhanced reinforcement functionality.

Allplan has been setting the standard for three-dimensional reinforcement design for many years. The demands placed on an error-free reinforcement design are very high. And we know how important it is for you to be able to have confidence in the quality of your tools.

"Anyone can reinforce a right-angled slab. It is much more of a challenge to reinforce a foundation for a wind turbine."

Are you looking for a solution for complex reinforcement tasks?

How do you reinforce round components such as circular foundations, walls or slab engineering structures such as wind power stations, digestion towers, water reservoirs, and helicopter landing pads or silos? Allplan BIM 2008 provides you with special functions for ring and spiral reinforcements. For other complex reinforcement tasks, such as columns with contours, for example, you can also automatically generate non-colliding reinforcement designs.

"Still more functionality? Do I have to work at this for weeks?"

No, you do not!

The engineering functions of Allplan BIM 2008 make working with it even simpler and more intuitive. Instead of requiring different dialog screens, you enter all the relevant parameters at a single point using a property palette. Data entry is largely self-explanatory and can be made in tables or directly in clear graphics – whichever is more convenient for you.

"I don’t want to waste my time working on amendments or lose my overall view."

End-to-end working in a single model.

In Allplan BIM 2008 you can work end-to-end from the first architectural design to the final reinforcement drawings in a single model. That means you can place the reinforcement directly in the architecture components without an intermediate step. Associative sections and views ensure that changes are automatically and consistently updated in all drawings and reinforcement schedules.

"That all sounds good in theory. But in practice I must adhere to the manufacturer’s product requirements."

Apply manufacturer data and reinforcement technology to engineering practice.

Even in earlier versions, Allplan supported working with fixtures and reinforcement technologies from manufacturers such as Halfen-Deha und Peikko, BAMTEC and Erico-Lenton. Allplan BIM 2008 also contains lugs from Schöck and the SAS 500 rebar splicing system from Stahlwerk Annahütte, among other products.

Allplan BIM 2008

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