Allplan BIM 2008
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Allplan BIM 2008: More Efficient Communication

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Easy, interoffice communication with clients and design partners
  • Exchange complex data via PDF and IFC -formats of the future
  • Wide range of industry standard exchange formats supported

Efficient data exchange between all project members. Efficient communication with your clients and planning partners.

More Efficient Communication

Tight deadlines and large quantities of data from a number of different sources – typical working conditions in an Architects or Engineering office, as you well know. It is common for different software systems to be used in any one project and they are seldom compatible. Wouldn’t it be practical if you could simply send your client a 3D model in a PDF file to clarify points? Nemetschek in cooperation with Adobe has the perfect solution and Allplan makes it possible at the press of a button, and without any costly additional software.

Import and Distribute Comprehensive Information from PDFs at the touch of a Button.

A spectacular, new and unique feature of Allplan BIM 2008 is the ability to import and distribute CAD data in standard format PDF files. Working with Adobe, we have integrated PDF functionality into our CAD systems. You can now output PDFs with additional intelligent functions such as design layers, scale information and searchable text from Allplan. You can even exchange interactive 3D models, e.g. clear documentation of complex reinforcement details. And not only is it possible to create PDF files with layer structures directly from Allplan, but PDF files can also be re-imported into Allplan. The client can then evaluate and analyze the planned building in detail using the walkthrough function.

"My project partners work with other systems."

Supports all Exchange Formats

Allplan supports a wide range of current industry standard and file formats. In addition Allplan can also transfer complex 3D models. Allplan BIM 2008 has a modern, certified interface for the IFC 2x3 data exchange format, which allows the standardized interchange of building models in all phases of a construction project. Multiple data entry can be avoided and the quality and consistency of the data improved – even beyond your company boundaries. At the same time, the alternative use of traditional exchange formats ensures that you are prepared for all types of collaboration.

Allplan BIM 2008

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