Allplan BIM 2008
Successful with Allplan: Business Center FrankfurtHochVier (Knippers Helbig Beratende Ingenieure)

Overview of New Features in Allplan BIM 2008 Engineering

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Save Time using the New Palette Technology

  • The selection, creation and modification of any element is done using palettes (function, property, wizard and module palettes), which provides a consistent and intuitive method of working.
  • The user finds functions and properties are easier to read and select using palettes. Modifications to ranges of elements are even easier to perform.
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Advanced Reinforcement Functions

  • Straightforward reinforcement without intermediate steps thanks to associative views both in shell and reinforcement design.
  • Thanks to the new circular reinforcement, round components such as circular foundations, walls, slabs and even engineering structures like digestion towers and silos are easier to reinforce.
  • Non-colliding reinforcement proposals provide more security for complex reinforcement tasks.
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Extensive use of Manufacturer Data

  • Even in earlier versions, Allplan supports work with fixtures from manufacturers Halfen-aeha und Peikko and contains special functions for reinforcement technologies from BAMTEC and Erico-Lenton.
  • For even more practice-oriented design, special functions for Schöck lugs and Anahütte couplers are now available.
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Optimized Structural Design

  • Round-Trip Engineering further refined with Allplan BIM 2008 and SCIA.ESA PT 2008.
  • Load-bearing components can now be transferred directly from Allplan and used to automatically generate the structural system in SCIA.ESA PT.
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Advanced Data Exchange with 2D and 3D PDF Files

  • Simple, interactive incorporation of e.g. building product details from manufacturers improves design reliability. Regardless of the CAD system used, appearance, scale information and layers remain the same.
  • The ability to incorporate Allplan models directly into a 3D PDF improves and simplifies communication with planning partners. The recipient can view, rotate, create sections and display or hide elements of the model using the free Adobe Reader.
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Simplified Project Organization and Changes

  • Every user can set up a project for component-oriented planning with storeys, floors, structure and file splitting with just a few clicks and no need for expert knowledge of the system. Help is provided by the new Building Structure and Storey Manager.
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Simplified Quantity Takeoff for Tendering

  • Quantities for steel bars, mesh reinforcement, formwork and fixtures are easier to determine.
  • Allplan analyzes the quantities and costs for the elements in the design and maintains the information in lists. This information can be transferred to any tendering program, if required.
  • This way, quantity calculations can easily be passed on to architects or used for your own tenders.
Allplan BIM 2008

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