Allplan BIM 2008
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Allplan BIM 2008 Engineering: The Perfect Solution for Structural Engineering

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Integrated solution for CAD and structural analysis from a single source
  • Data transfer from Allplan to SCIA.ESA PT
  • Automated generation of the analytical model from the structural model
  • Easy maintenance of changes using the update mechanism

Round-Trip Engineering – optimum interplay between CAD and structural analysis software.

Tight deadlines, sudden changes by the architect, increasing cost pressures ... In the structural engineering consultant’s office you know about these only too well. With Allplan BIM 2008, you can master these challenges. Now you have a solution for structural engineering available which allows CAD and structural analysis to interact perfectly – true Round-Trip Engineering.

“Why is there no object snap tracking in my structural analysis software? Why do I have to enter the slab geometry again?“

Had enough of entering the same data again and again into different programs?

Many offices still use CAD and structural engineering software from different suppliers, which as a rule are not perfectly compatible with one another. Often, structural analysis software does not allow the user to input data in the same convenient way as CAD systems. With Allplan BIM 2008 you can now transfer individual components or even a complete building model to the SCIA.ESA PT software.

"Do I have to adjust all the connections between the slab and the walls manually?"

Automatic conversion of the Structural Model

With SCIA.ESA PT, the structural model is automatically converted into the analysis model. Three-dimensional components are first reduced to their system lines and planes and then connected into a valid structural system. As the structural engineer, you just have to check whether the automatically generated model meets your requirements.

"A wall has been removed. Does this mean I have to begin all over again with the structural analysis?"

With Allplan BIM 2008 alterations flow directly into the analysis model.

Frequent design alterations are no longer a source of irritation. Allplan has an update mechanism with which you simply retransfer the loadbearing components from Allplan to SCIA.ESA PT. The structural analysis software contains a graphical display of the points at which changes have been made to the previous status. You can decide whether to accept each change. The structural analysis can then be immediately repeated.

Allplan BIM 2008

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