Allplan BIM 2008
Successful with Allplan: E.ON Energy redesigned, Munich/D (Adam Architekten/Florian Schreiber)

Allplan BIM 2008 for Building Contractors: Effective Cost Management from the Start – using Design2Cost

Your benefits at a glance:

  • End-to-end planning of residential and industrial units with modular elements
  • Reliable design methods with wizard-supported data entry
  • Unique range of additional results from layouts and lists
  • Database of CAD libraries and alphanumeric elements containing activities and prices
  • German TÜV-certified CAD-supported quantities takeoff and cost calculations.

With the Design2Cost solution you have costs under control.

Is your quotation correct? How do you calculate reliable costs for a planned project? How do you minimize the quantities risk in lump sum tenders? How do you ensure you have allowed for everything in the tender? What’s the answer to all these questions? Use Allplan BIM 2008!

The Design2Cost solution makes it possible for you not only to design with costs in mind, but to construct within a budget.


"Nowadays we often have to make up to 15 bids in order to win one order. This takes a tremendous amount of time."

Optimize your bids, increase your chance of success.

Often several bids offers have to be worked on simultaneously. The time available to produce each bid is reduced, while the degree of detail varies from bid to bid. This increases the risk that the calculated prices neither reflect market conditions nor sufficiently fulfill their purpose. The ability to create a bid, which accurately reflects the market price increases with the depth and quality of the work invested in preparing the bid. Design2Cost uses internal company standards (in the form of wizards and building elements, bills of quantities and prices) to ensure that bid pricing calculations are of uniform quality. Moreover, the Design2Cost solution provides a clear quantities model from digitized drawings or the building model.

"As soon as we have calculated the costs, the client wishes to make alterations."

Security through reliable quantity takeoff.

The integrated Design2Cost solution provides you with a quick and clear quantity framework and a seamless description of the construction work, including a building model. The drawings are simply digitized, and the quantities are produced automatically. The result can be used immediately for the bid calculation. Changes to client documents can be incorporated at any time.

Changes requested by clients flow directly into the building model and therefore automatically into the quantities and costs. You can create numerous variants including the comparison of cost statements from various perspectives and clearly visualize the changes in the building model.

"How can I be sure that our calculations are VOB-compliant?"


Our graphical method of calculating quantities is an important part of Allplan and the Design2Cost cost planning methodology. Allplan has been certified by the German TÜV as complying with VOB. The test examined the calculation of quantities and the data exchange between the Allplan BIM CAD application and the Allplan BCM based on selected construction elements. The method of CAD-supported quantities calculation is therefore unique in cost planning and tendering.

"I would like to export my quantities and cost planning results to my existing system."

Allplan BCM 2008 – flexible application.

The cost management and TAI software Allplan BCM is an important component of the Design2Cost solution. It can be integrated into your existing software landscape and is flexible in use. With Allplan BCM, you can prepare cost calculations and tenders or simply transfer the final results (such as the priced bill of quantities with a quantity framework, specifications, minimum and maximum lists) into your existing estimating software or your existing TAI system over standardized GAEB interfaces.

Allplan BIM 2008

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