Allplan BIM 2008
Successful with Allplan: VD-Office in Zollhafen, Cologne/D (HH-Vision)

Allplan BIM 2008 Architecture

Allplan BIM 2008 Architecture - The Intelligent Solution for Architects, Construction Companies and Contractors

Allplan BIM 2008 Architecture is the intelligent design solution for Architects and Designers. In addition to the practical creation of a building model, there are visualizations, drawings and schedules which can be efficiently derived from it. Component-oriented CAD design with Allplan provides extraordinary building cost transparency throughout the entire project.


The Allplan BIM 2008 Architecture package is designed for architects, construction companies and building contractors. From the first sketch to the presentation drawings and onto the working and detailed drawings, including construction cost planning. Allplan covers the whole value creation chain in your design office, and thus achieves more from the same resources. Allplan Architecture can be used for building design, interior design, landscape planning, urban planning, regional planning and much more.


Moreover, the Allplan model forms the basis for the structural engineering model, structural analysis model and building services model, and is designed for comprehensive building information modeling.


Allplan BIM 2008 Architecture offers you:


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Brilliant Presentations and Optimized Planning Process

Building Information Modeling allows you to exploit the advantages of a highly efficient overall process

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More Efficient Communication

Allplan allows you to communicate smoothly with clients and planning partners

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Interdisciplinary Construction Planning

The unique Allplan product family offers you numerous synergies in the design, construction and management of buildings

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Creative Design and Cost Management

"Designing from a cost perspective" describes the interaction between Allplan BIM Architecture, Allplan BCM. And intelligent content offering the highest clarity and consistent, end-to-end design.

Allplan BIM 2008

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