Allplan BIM 2008
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Allplan IBD 2008

The Efficient and Detailed Quantity and Cost Calculation Solution

Allplan IBD 2008 is a comprehensive, sector-specific database with which you can create your building model and calculate reliable building costs. Allplan IBD provides information necessary for well-founded quantity calculations, cost estimates and bills of quantities.


Allplan IBD is the key to using the future-oriented design method "Design2Cost – designing from the cost perspective."


The perfect interaction of software tools (Allplan Architecture and Allplan BCM), content (Allplan IBD) and method is unique in the market. For the first time you, the user, are offered CAD, cost planning, TAI and building data from a single source and can benefit from considerable increases in productivity.


Perfect Cost Management for Architects
Perfect Cost Management for Building Contractors


Highlights from Allplan IBD 2008:

  • Allplan IBD supports the new functions of Allplan Architecture (building lists, layer sets, building structure)
  • Quick visualizations through optimized open-GL-compatible textures
  • Extension of the sector-specific building database with content for industrial design to provide scope for expansion of areas of work
  • Shorter learning curves for new colleagues by the use of toolbars to guide the user through the graphical calculation of quantities to a complete bill of quantities
  • Increased flexibility for example the assignment of multiple properties (different materials and material properties) to one building component
Allplan BIM 2008

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