Allplan BIM 2008
Successful with Allplan: Tibetan Health Center in Hüttenberg/AT (Zeichenbüro aha)

Client Projects using Allplan

Find out more about projects that have been successfully planned, designed and built by some of our Clients using Allplan.
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Architekten volkhausen+lubkoll, Berlin, Germany

Exhibition Planning at the Museum of German History, Berlin

"For a number of years now, we have increasingly combined the 3D visualization of objects (components) with the capture of building object properties such as materials or costs in the CAD system. Allplan stands out in this area due to its broad range of applications, from controlling the design, to coordination with occupants and clients, to quantity takeoff."

(Michael Lubkoll, Geschäftsführer von Volkhausen+Lubkoll)

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Adam Architects, Munich, Germany:

Renovation and New Construction of Corporate Headquarters for E.ON Energie AG, Munich

"Allplan provides us with a transparent design system for mastering complex projects. The integrated 3D processing functions are particularly advantageous for us, since they enable us to provide the client with a realistic impression of the building even before construction starts."

(Prof. Dr. Jürgen Adam, Managing Director, Adam Architects)

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Jockers Architects, Stuttgart, Germany:

Expansion of the Advanced Technical College in Osnabrück

"Allplan has provided us with continuous support during the life of this project – from successfully winning the contract during a Europe-wide tendering process all the way to the delivery of documentation to the client during all project phases.“

(Michael Jockers, Architect)

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winkel & partner Architects, Wilnsdorf, Germany:

New Production Halls with an Office Unit for Ingersoll Werkzeuge GmbH, Haiger

"Even complex designs, such as the glass façade of this building - 13 meters with an eight degree inclination - are able to be implemented in an optimized manner with Allplan. And the continuous exchange of data with the parent company in Israel worked smoothly and without problems."

(Dipl. Ing. Dietmar Winkel Architekt BDA, winkel & partner Architects)

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Strabag SE, Europe:

Conversion and Redevelopment of Hotel Moscow, Russia

"Achieving a working symbiosis between the existing building and the new building area in a project of these dimensions is a Herculean task. Without a professional software tool like Allplan, it would have been simply impossible."

(Josip Rukavina, Chief Architect at Strabag)

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Freigeber Architects, Cologne, Germany:

New Construction Project – Microsoft Branch "RheinArtOffice“, Rheinau Harbor, Cologne

"A complex design and CAD system is required to manage a multi-facetted project such as this one. Allplan provides us with everything we need to manage demanding construction projects – from the initial sketch to completion of the building."

(Nicole Freigeber, Managing Director, Freigeber Architects)

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Zeichenbüro aha, Feistritz/Ros., Austria:

New Tibetan Health Center, Hüttenberg, Austria

"Only with the versatility of Allplan in conjunction with 3D modeling were we able to create the complete building in the CAD system. The architecture of the inclined walls extending over five stories was a particular challenge."

(Ing. Hans Andrejcic, Managing Director, Zeichenbüro aha )

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Arkaari Oy Architectural Office, Finland:

Revontuli Northern Lights Shopping Centre, Rovaniemi, Finland

"With the help of Allplan we can merge our conceptual design in a seamless visual surrounding. Interoperability is the key to our projects. Because we integrate different information in different formats from different fields we experience the design process in a new way."

(Mats Biström, Project Architect at Arkaari Oy)

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Ingenieurbüro SIR/Siegbert Rosenstein, Drobollach, Austria:

Biomass Heat and Power Plants at Mödling and Baden, Austria

"Our partner worked with a different CAD software, so we had to find a compatible interface. Allplan made it easy to implement those inevitable changes during all construction phases. Plus, all participants were able to edit our data without problems."

(Siegbert Rosenstein, Managing Director, Ingenieurbüros SIR)

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Krautloher Architects GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland:

5-Star Spa Hotel Ronacher, Bad Kleinkirchheim

"An important part of our work during all planning phases was the creation of a digital terrain model. Since we created all drawings in 3D with Allplan, our project partners always had access to all relevant data in the form of a model."

(Petra Hausenblas, Project Manager, Krautloher Architects)

Allplan BIM 2008

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  • “Nowadays the cost of a building project must be extremely transparent and meaningful. Thanks to Design2Cost we are well-prepared for these challenges.”
    (Sybille Pickert,
    Architect with Erne-Vogel-Hug, Ebnet near Freiburg, Germany)